COLORS. Which ones are the best to wear to weddings?

What to wear to a wedding ceremony?

The main rule is to never wear a white dress, unless required by the bride.
In the second place, it is necessary to make a few distinctions:
Does the ceremony take in place in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening?
Does it take place in spring/summer or autumn/winter?

Choose a short dress for the morning and save a long gown for the evening. In the spring and in the summer, wear color! Whether bright or pastel, they are perfect both for the warm climate and the party mood. Choose darker colors for the colder season.

Colors to avoid?
Etiquette suggest to avoid red (that symbolizes passion), black (too gloomy) and purple (related to Lent). But if you do own a perfect dress in one of this colors, do not mind! They didn’t!